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CHiNDT®, located in Shanghai, China, is a leading Non-destructive Testing Equipment manufacturer in China. Our equipment and related products range in the fields of LED uv lamp, magnetic particle testing (MT), penetrant testing (PT), ultrasonic testing (UT) and magnetic flux leakage testing (MFL).

To satisfy international demands, CHiNDT® has more than 120 branches and distributors worldwide, with around 20 more distributors joining CHiNDT® international service and sales network every year.

CHiNDT® is famous for its strong R&D capability. The R&D team of CHiNDT® includes 2 professors, 5 staff with PhD degree and 9 with Master degree, 20 experienced experts in various fields. In addition, CHiNDT has new products for different customer’s requirements every year. CHiNDT® is a leading provider of many types of equipment, e.g. EMAT, DC Pulse MT equipment, UV LED Black lamps, etc. To actively participate in international projects, CHiNDT® is a member of ASNT. With nearly 20 years persistent effort, CHiNDT® now has 3 business divisions, 4 international partners and 4 national cooperative research institutions.

CHiNDT® has strict requirement for all our products and each equipment will sustain harsh test before delivered to our valued customers. At present, CHiNDT® has passed the "ISO9001: 2008 Quality Management System" certification, and most of our products have obtained CE and FCC certificates.

Our corporate slogan Better Quality Our Aspiration has driven CHiNDT® to be an NDT innovator and each member of our company to constantly strengthen our R&D capabilities, enhance business values and provide cutting-edge products and technical solutions.