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The WCNDT Conference 2016


WCNDT Conference2016

As the only sponsor of WCNDT Conference 2016 from China. We showed our newly founded Phoenix series LED UV Lamp with camera on this WCNDT Conference. It attracted many people. According to the words of Terry Clausing ,the President of American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT) "This Phoenix UV LED Lamp is really impressive and beyond my imagination".

The following is some pictures on the WCNDT Conference2016.


 The newly founded LED UV Lamp with camera:

Phoenix led uv lamp

With Mile Farley,the president of WCNDT:

With Terry Clausing,the president of ASNT:
president of ASNT

The exhibition of the CrackCheck led uv lamp:
CrackCheck led uv lamp

Phoenix led uv inspection lamp

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