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  • The WCNDT Conference 2016


    As the only sponsor of WCNDT Conference 2016 from China. We showed our newly founded Phoenix series LED UV Lamp with camera on this WCNDT Conference. It attracted many people. According to the words of Terry Clausing ,the President of American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT) This Phoenix U

  • WCNDT Conference 2016 from 13th to 17th of June 2016


    WCN DT Conference 2016 from 13th to 17th of June 2016 Visit us at the World Conference on Non-destructive testing in the International Congress Center Munich. Come and see us at the 2016 WCNDT Conference.CHiNDTwill participate in this conference asan exhibitor and a sponsor.You will find us at the b

  • Magnetic particle inspection/Magnetic particle testing(MPI/MT)


    Magnetic particle testing is done by inducing a magnetic field in a ferro-magnetic material and dusting the surface with iron particles (either dry or suspended in a liquid). Surface imperfections will allow the magnetic field to leak out of the part, distort the magnetic field and concentrate the i

  • Introduction to Magnetic Particle Inspection


    Introduction to Magnetic Particle Inspection Magnetic particle inspection (MPI) is a nondestructive testing method used for defect detection. MPI is fast and relatively easy to apply, and part surface preparation is not as critical as it is for some other NDT methods. These characteristics make MPI

  • Schematic Diagrams of Penetrant Testing


    Schematic Diagrams of Penetrant Testing Dirt 1.Crack filled up with Dirt and Grease 2.Surface Cleaqning with Cleaner Penetrant 3.Penetrant Application 4.Excess Penetrant Removal Developer Indication 5.Developer Application 6.Crack Indication Typical Process of Fluorescent Penetrant Testing

  • Nondestructive Testing(NDT)


    Nondestructive Testing The field of Nondestructive Testing (NDT) is a very broad, interdisciplinary field that plays a critical role in assuring that structural components and systems perform their function in a reliable and cost effective fashion. NDT technicians and engineers define and implement t

  • How to use Ultrasonic Flaw Detector


    Principle This is a portable industrial non-destructive flaw detector, which can rapidly, easily and accurately inspect, locate, evaluate and diagnose various defects (crack, inclusion and pinhole, etc.) in a workpiece without destruction. It can be used both in a lab and field. The instrument can b

  • Customizable CrackCheck LED NDT Blacklight/NDT inspection lamp


    CustomizableCrackCheckLEDNDTBlacklight/NDTinspectionlamp e.g.1 This UV LED Panel(NDT Blacklight) is designed for SAM(Suzhou)Co.,Ltd. SAM Suzhou, a wholly owned subsidiary of SAM, is a leading manufacturer of complex geometry products such as engine mounts and airfoils used extensively in Airbus and

  • CrackCheck UV LED NDT Inspection lamps Exhibited at the ASNT Conference 2014


    CrackCheck UV LED NDT Inspection lamps Exhibited at the ASNT Annual Conference 2014 Eachyear,TheASNTAnnualConferenceisthecenterofthenondestructivetesting(NDT)world.Itbrings togetherthecompletearrayofutilizingindustries,methodapplications,andtechnologydevelopmentsfor nondestructivetesting. Asaleading

  • CrackCheck NDT inspection lamps/ UV light at the conference of The 19th China International Exhibiton on Quality Control &Testing Equipment


    CrackCheck NDT inspection lamps/ UV light at the conference of The 19th China International Exhibiton on Quality Control Testing Equipment We have attendedThe19thChinaInternationalExhibitononQualityControlTestingEquipmentasanexhibitor on20-22,October2014.Andit wasaverysuccessfulexhibitionforus. Many

  • How to choose uv led inspection lamps


    CHiNDT China, Located in Shanghai ,leading uv led inspection lamps China,having more than 10 years manufacturing experience. We aim to gather as well as share knowledge to increase safety in aspects. Our senior engineer strictly ensure that our uv led inspection lamps meet the customers requirements

  • Our customers from Automotive Accessories


    Clients Equipment PO Date COSMA Canada FPI-1400 Penetrant Testing Line 2013.10.24 LINYUN Driveline(Zhuozhou)Co.,Ltd MTS-2000A Magnetic Particle Testing Line 2013.12.28 ThyssenKrupp AG Company CDG-4000 Crankshaft Magnetic Particle Testing Equipment 2012.6.8 CCAG Group CEW-4000D Magnetic Particle Test

  • Our customers from Airline Industry


    MPI Model No Clients PO Date Florescent Magnetic Particle Testing Equipment CDG-10000E Airline Changzhou Co.,Ltd 2000.5.12 Florescent Magnetic Particle Testing Equipment CJD-2000C PLA 4724 Factory 2000.7.17 Florescent Magnetic Particle Testing Equipment CDG-4000D Airline 800 institute,China 2000.9.7

  • Our customers from Airline Industry


    PO Data Customer Penetrant Testing Equipment June,2013 Aluminum of Corporation of China FPI-500 Penetrant Testing Equipment March,2014 JONHON Group FPI-500 Penetrant Testing Equipment Nov,2002 Aircraft standard parts Co.,Ltd ,China CY-500Penetrant Testing Equipment Nov,2003 Aircraft industry Guizhou

  • 14 th Asia Pacific Conference On Non-Destructive Testing


    Asia Pacific Conference on NDT started in 1976 with ehe first conference being in Japan. Over the last three decades,APCNDT has made considerable porgress and has provided the Asian Pacific Committee with an international forum for highlighting the accomplishments in the field of NDT. Starting from a

  • America ASNT Annual Conference on November 5th 2013


    Due to various products in CHiNDT, our products are widely welcome by the worldwide people.First quality ,Our corporate slogan Better Quality Our Aspiration has driven CHiNDT to be an NDT innovator and each member of our company to constantly strengthen our RD capabilities, enhance business values an

  • UV LED Inspection Lamp, Magnetic Particle Testing Equipment, Penetrant Testing Line of CHiNDT


    ● International sales network, with 120+ branches and distributors ● Rich product line, satisfying customers of various fields ● Professional sales team, strong RD capabilities and excellent after-sale service ● Long history with more than 20 year manufacturing experience ● First class RD t

  • Inspection lamps


    CHiNDT company, located in Jiading district,Shanghai, China, mainly manufacturing ndt uv led lamp, ndt uv black light, ndt inspection lamps, magnetic particle testing equipment ,penetrant testing equipment,fluid penetrant testing line, magnetic powder etc. Our every uv led inspection lamp, by our se

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